7 tool to repair the plumbing work that should have in house.

Plumbing work tool. Just by having these tools, you can fix your problems by yourself. 7 plumber equipment for repair work to fix the plumbing problems that should be at home. With these tools, you can easily manage your basic problems.

Adjustable pliers used for holding pipe
Adjustable pliers

It is an all-purpose grip clamp. Can adjust at many levels according to the size of the work piece. Used for holding water pipes or screw the water pipe line.

Vise grip use for grip a pipe and screw head

Locking pliers

Use like a wrench. Use for grip a pipes and screw head and grip a broken screw head better than normal pliers.

saw used for cutting work

It used for general cutting work as a steel pipe or PVC pipes. That is use together with a 12-inch saw blade. Can change the saw blade.

Plumber applying glue to a grey plastic pipe
Plumbing glue (PVC pipe cement)

Used in the case of installation Change or repair PVC pipe. It not complicated. Just apply the glue inside the joints and the end of the pipe all over and wear the pipe into the joints By turning the twist slightly to make better glue dispersal hold the interlock for about 10-15 seconds.and wipe the excess glue clean.

used for tightening metal pipes or joints
Pipe wrench

Is a wrench that can be adjusted quite wide used for tightening metal pipes or joints that have round skin. Caution is that this type of plumbing device has a sharp point area around the contact area. Therefore, not suitable for use with the work that needs to be exquisite Because It may leave scratch on your work while in use.

Measuring tape used to measure length
Measuring tape

Measuring tape is the most commonly used measuring tool. Can measure both vertical and curved lines on the line, there is a gauge to indicate both the centimeter and inches.

plumbing tape used for wrap threaded joints
Pipe thread seal tape (plumbing tape)

It used for wrap threaded joints to tighten the pipe joints And prevent water leaking from the joints.