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Tips to Clean Bathroom: Items You Should Not Forget

Among the tips to clean the bathroom, some items are forgotten. Find out in five items that you should not forget to clean.

When it comes to cleaning tips for the bathroom, the areas of greatest attention are the toilet, the box, and the sink. But there are some accessories that also need to clean regularly. So that they do not become a home for colonies of bacteria and dirt.

In this article. We list five of these items that you should not leave out of your cleaning routine, and how to clean them with tips to wash your bathroom efficiently and quickly.

Bathroom Cleaning: Tips to not Forget!

When cleaning the bathroom, tips like these can be very valuable! Read the following some tricks that can make cleaning routine easier, leaving your home cleaner faster.


If they have not washed frequently bathroom rugs can become unhygienic. Causing bacteria and fungi to proliferate, and even leaving the room with odors.
In the case of fabric rugs. You can solve this problem quickly by washing them in the machine with a good quality soap. But first, check the carpet label to see if it requires special care.

Bathroom tips - Door mat with slipper shoes on clean floor

Rubber or plastic mats can wash inside the box or tub with a disinfectant. A good choice that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Apply the product and rub both sides of the rug with a clean brush. Then rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the product.

If the rubber or plastic mat has an apparent mold, you can soak it in a solution with two Vim caps for 1L of water. Always read the operating instructions for each product, and test in a discrete area to be sure that the material will not stain or damaged during cleaning.

Toothbrush holders

Often forgotten, the toothbrush holder is one of the most important items to cleaned in your bathroom since the germs that are in it can pass to the brush and therefore to the mouth very easily. The most efficient way to clean the toothbrush holder is to soak it in a solution with warm water and a liquid detergent. Then wipe with a clean sponge and rinse well to leave no trace of soap.

Bathroom tips - Toothbrush holders Colored tooth brushes in a holder

Another alternative is to use your own mouthwash, wetting the brush holder with the product and rinsing with warm water. Repeat the wash every week.

Soapbox and niche box
Bathroom tips - Stunning walk-in shower features white tile surround, shower niche fitted with mosaic gray tiles.

The soapbox where you put your bath products also needs to wash frequently. Especially to prevent soap buildup, which after a while can stain the surfaces and become quite sturdy.

Try to remove the soap scraps weekly, using a cloth soaked in a specific product for cleaning the bathroom. Rub with a sponge and if necessary use an old toothbrush to reach the most difficult corners.

Another option is to use the cream cleaner. By applying it over the niche or soap dish with a sponge and rinsing well with water at the end.

When choosing your niche or soap dish. Give preference to models with cracks or holes so that liquids and moisture pass through them and do not accumulate in the bottom.

Toilet brush
Bathroom tips - Red plastic toilet brush

Sanitizing the toilet brush and its holder is also critical to keeping your bathroom free of bacteria and fungi, otherwise, instead of cleaning. It will spread even more dirt and germs.

First, wash the brush and holder with hot water and remove excess dust and dirt. Then soak them for one hour in a solution of water with a chlorine disinfectant.

Then rub it well with a sponge with liquid detergent, using an old toothbrush to remove any dirt that lingers between the bristles. Lastly, leave the brush and holder to dry in the sun. Try to complete this process weekly.

Faucets and shower
detail of a corner shower cabin with wall mount shower attachment

Taps and showers should also be washed, especially to avoid stains caused by the buildup of hard water limescale. To prevent this from happening, clean the faucets and shower at least once a week with a cleaner. In the case of blemishes, let the product act for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Another alternative is to use a sponge with lukewarm water and liquid detergent, rubbing with a brush to remove stubborn stains. Then rinse and use a disinfectant such as Vim to sanitize and eliminate germs and bacteria. Rinse once again to remove any traces of the product

Tips: bathroom always clean!

By incorporating the above bathroom cleaning tips into your routine. Surely your bathroom will become more pleasant and less susceptible to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. But it should be noted that areas such as the toilet, sink, box, and tiles should also continue to be washed frequently, preferably with a good quality disinfectant.