Material - citric acid, cleaning brush, steel wool, sponges and bar of soap on white wooden table background

Sponge or Steel wool? Find out material which one can solve your kitchen problems

No denying it – dishwashing and oven cleaning and stove are among the most hated tasks when it comes to home care! There may even be exceptions. But most people prefer to clean rooms to sanitize dishes, cutlery, and pans after meals or to give a general on the utensil used to make food. But how do you have to fulfill that mission? you should use the material to even in your case – as is the case with sponge and steel wool.

That the two help remove dirt and leave everything in the kitchen an earring everyone knows. Can you choose between one and another only by preference or is there an ideal for each situation? Come and tell us!

green-yellow dishwashing sponge and metal steel dishwashing wire for washing dishes
The sponge should use on more sensitive surfaces to clean without scratching

The sponge can make a scratch in the kitchens. But have you ever stopped to think that she does not have two different parts by chance? This “double-sided” feature makes the utensil more versatile and can perform different functions when you need to do the dishes or clean the stove.

The softer part, besides creating foam with ease, should use on utensils that are more likely to scratch or stain – Such as stainless steel pans, which can of cleaning with steel wool.

The roughest and darkest part, however, is for those areas that need a little extra force to clean them properly – such as cutlery, dishes, and cookware when they are very greasy. Remember that to clean the surface of the appliance it is best to continue using the soft part of the sponge to avoid scratching the material.

The steel wool is indicating for utensils that need a more cleaning

Many people have the custom of using steel wool to wash all the dishes. But this habit is a mistake! This is because it is made of carbon steel. It a scratch product that can damage the most sensitive kitchen utensils. It causing scratches and even peeling some of the paint (which, of course, nobody wants).

Therefore, to avoid damage, the idea is to leave the steel wool for the famous heavy cleaning. Do you know the fat that gets impregnated in the bottom of the pan and the grill grates, for example? So they will come out easier with the help of this more powerful material. However, care must still be taken to ensure that the surface is not damaged. So make sure the pan can get scratched easily (as with stainless steel, as we have already said). For make sure you use steel wool with plenty of water to make it softer as you remove dirt.