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Plants for the bathroom: 7 species easy to grow

Check out the types of plants. That resist moisture in the bathroom and need little light, and know-how to do bathroom cleaning with plants

Bathroom plants make a difference in the decor and enhance the feeling of well-being. After all, there is nothing nicer than keeping a clean and well-decorated bathroom. However, it is important that they do not interfere with the hygiene of the room and that they are light. Therefore, easy to move from the place when cleaning. With that in mind, we made a selection of beautiful plants, easy to care for and indicated for the bathroom. Check out!

Best Bathroom Plants
Snake plant

This plant is practical because it does very well in more closed environments. In addition, it does not need much space to develop, because it grows vertically. The tip is to water once a week.


They love humidity and are therefore suitable for the bathroom. In addition, they can not get the sun and need to live in indirect light. Water every two days and be careful when cleaning the toilet. Sanitize the pots of the plant to prevent mosquitoes from proliferating.


Anthurium is a type of plant that needs to be grown indoors. You can keep the plant on the ground and be careful to always leave it wet and keep the Anthurium in the water.

Peace lilies

By adapting easily in humid places and with little shade, the Peace Lily is an excellent bathroom plant. Maintenance is simple and just water once a week.


Because ferns do not like light, they are perfect for bathrooms. The tip to put the plant in the small bathroom is to hang it. In addition to saving space, the environment is more beautiful. To conserve, water twice a week.


The plant belongs to the family of creepers, therefore, it grows a lot, it is fixing in several places and has a beautiful trim. You can put Hera near a window, shelf or bathroom mirror and let your branches settle around the place.

Golden pothos

The Golden pothos is one of the best plants to have in the bathroom and in every home. Because it fits most environments and does not need direct light. It is also a climbing vine, so hang it in a high place and let the leaves fall.

Small Bathroom Plants

Want to put a floor plan in the bathroom, but live in a small apartment with smaller rooms? Know that you can decorate the environment in the same way. The tip is to abuse the spaces and hang the plants on the walls or ceiling. Check out the plant options for a small bathroom.

Clean bathrooms with plants

It is essential to move the plants from the bathroom when washing the room, even the species that are hanging on the ceiling or wall. The most indicated is to do this until before the washing itself. At the moment you will dump some cleaning products into the environment and leave to act to wash after. Most heavy cleaning items, such as bleach, do very bad to plants. Therefore, remove the plants, but the products to act, wash the bathroom normally and wait to dry. When the room is fully sanitized and dry, place the plants in the bathroom again.