row of plastic pipes with water pressure sensors



The water we consume in our homes usually comes from a capture made by the concessionaire in dams, rivers, wells, etc. Undergoes a treatment to eliminate solid and microbiological residues. This water comes in large pipes that are call water mains.

In large and medium-sized cities, the dealerships are going, increasingly far in search of water. Water is increasingly scarce, and we must, at all costs, create solutions that reduce our consumption. In rural areas, the catchment in well, cisterns or mines.

NOTIONS OF HYDRAULICS - Hydromater - Water meter. Counter for distribution water.

The public network comes to our homes where a plumbing is that is connect to the hydrometer that is the meter of our consumption. The set of pipes and pieces intend for connection to the hydrometer is call an easel. It must install on the land border, next to where the property.

No piece is allow before the hydrometer, but after that, at the extension that will connect to the house. It is advisable to install a registry to enable maintenance of the internal network of the house.

NOTIONS OF HYDRAULICS – Water supply installation

The water supply installation may have three designs depending on the availability and reliability of the water supply by the utility. When the pressure and the amount of water are continuous, the direct distribution system is use, without the need for a reservoir.

In case the pressure is sufficient, but without continuity, there is a need to provide for an upper reservoir. However, if the pressure is insufficient and the supply is discontinued. It will be necessary to adopt an underground reservoir and an upper one, in case of pumping.

For the purpose of estimating the daily consumption of water in a residence. It is estimated for each social dormitory two people and for each dormitory of a person employed. Considering the consumption of 150 liters of water per capita, we will have the daily consumption of the residence.

So we can size the water box. This estimation can modify, adjusting coherently the reality of each case. For example, if there is adoption of water-saving equipment, it will serve as an attenuated, and we may reduce our consumption expectations.

water tank

Currently, for health reasons, we will hardly use fibro-cement-asbestos water tank. Today we use a water tank, as the example above, in various sizes (5,000, 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 300 and 100 liters), manufactured from fiberglass by various manufacturers.

They with well-fit lids that prevent mosquitoes from proliferating and help preserve water quality.
This type of water tank should support directly on a firm plane, in this case a slab prepared to support its full weight of water. It should not support on beams.