Clean wood floor - Male hand applying wood care products on hardwood floor surface with a microfiber cloth.

Learn how to clean wood flooring in 4 different ways.

Having wooden floors makes the house more welcoming, but to be always beautiful, you need to follow these tips. Wood flooring still widely used and valued in interior design projects. This floor can be solid wood, demolition, hardwood or parquet. It can also be a wooden laminate floor. For either option, the clean is the same. Here’s how to clean wood floors.

4 ways to clean wood floor
Cleaning your wooden floor is very simple to do. The intensity of this cleaning will depend on the need:

1.Daily Cleaning

If you like to remove excess dust from your hardwood floor daily, you can just use a very soft broom or the brush-tipped vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the wood.

2.Weekly Cleaning

At least once a week it is good to clean hardwood floors to kill the local bacteria. For this, use water-diluted disinfectant in the amount recommended on the package. Apply over the entire floor and then wipe it clean, soft and dry to keep the wood free of fungus.

3. Wax wood flooring

To keep the wood floor always shining you need to wax it. This process does not have to be done very often and you need to choose the right product for each type of floor. If you have a wood without varnish, if the floor is cork or linoleum, use oil or liquid wax. If not, you can use a silicone rinse aid. All of these products can be purchased at the supermarket.

4. Remove Stains

It is quite common to happen to drop any product that stains on the wooden floor. You can clean wood floors to remove stains by using products such as cleaning oil or mild detergent water. Always remembering to wipe the area dry after removing the stain.

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