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Know Your Water Heater

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Water heater is one appliance on which the entire family depends you got to use it every day without fail. Therefore, it becomes important that you choose a water heater that will be right for your home.

The water heater should be able to provide you with adequate amount of hot water. At the busiest time of the day. You have to make a rough calculation of the maximum amount of water. That is required at a particular time of the day. Early morning will be the appropriate time when the family is getting ready for work and school.

First add the number of members that take shower in the morning and how much time they take for each shower. Typically, 2.2 gallons of water is use in per minute for a shower; to this add 14 gallons for dishwasher; 5 gallons in the kitchen. This will give you a rough idea of the quantity of water use in that rush hour.

This should be the capacity of your water heater. Water capacity is measure in first hour rating (FHR) which is the volume of hot water the heater can supply in the first hour of use. The FHR is label on the boiler ; match this number with your requirement.

The fuel for the water heater can be gas or electricity. Gas will be cheaper to operate than the electric one; though the upfront price of gas water heater will be more. If you already have a gas line then install a gas water heater otherwise electric one will also be okay.

Consider the physical size of the heaters as well because the tank manufacturers have incorporated insulation into their tanks which has increased the dimensions of the water heaters somehow.

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Choose and Buy

Buy one with a warranty as it has seen that the product with warranty tend to better in quality; with better insulation, bigger heating elements and resistant to corrosion. Go for the high-end model as the difference in price from the low-end model is not much.

Time to buy it you choose there are some aspects that you should take into consideration. Firstly ensure that the heating elements are bigger than it can heat water fast. With what metal the heating elements is make of magnesium or aluminum anode rods attracts corrosive elements which prolong the tank’s life.

If the water used in your home is hard then you should add anti-scale device with the heater which will prevent scale from building up on the heating elements. One point you should remember is that the drain valve near the base of the water heater should maintain properly in order to prolong the life of the heater; a brass valve is preferred.

Having known the basics, you can now look for a water heater in confidence and will be able to choose one that will keep your family happy.