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How to save water with the dishwasher

How to save water with the dishwasher

In fact, on average, dishwashers use between 15 and 22 liters of water, while handwashing consumes 103 liters, which means a saving of around 85%. However, be aware that it is still possible to save water.

If you want to save water, buy a model of a dishwasher with water efficiency. Several laboratory tests confirm that the use of water varies from machine to machine, even in cases where twice the amount is used in such a standard program compared to another model. To get an idea, an efficient dishwasher is capable of washing 130 items with only seven liters of water. To achieve this by hand, you would have to use less than one bowl of water for each item.

Therefore, make a conscious choice when buying a dishwasher. Ask yourself which models save water!

  • When buying a new dishwasher do not forget to recycle the old one, instead of destroying it. Know that dishwashers have large amounts of steel
  • When buying a dishwasher, also be aware of energy information. It is not only important to save on water, but also on energy. Do not overlook this aspect. Saving water is the watchword!
Clean the dishes

Before placing dishes and other items in the dishwasher, wipe them with a sponge or damp cloth so that you can use fewer programs to save water.

Fully charge the dishwasher

You should only use the machine when you have enough utensils to fully charge it. Note that for small loads, the dishwasher uses the same amount of water. Change your habits and start saving water.

  • Although it is advisable to fill the machine with crockery, do not overdo it either, or you risk that, in the end, some of the objects are not completely washed. Therefore, completely fill the shelves to allow free circulation of water.
Avoid half load programs

Be careful when using half-load dishwashers. It is true that this type of program uses less water and energy than a normal program, but savings are less than half. Prefer to wash less often and only when the machine is full, as this will allow you to save more water.

Save water with an energy-saving program

One way to save water is to use economical programs, ie programs that wash with less water and at a lower temperature. Economical energy programs allow, in the norm, to save three liters of water per wash, being the performance very close to the programs denominated by “normal”.

Choose the right detergent

Many people do not know, but improper use of detergent leads to increased water consumption as a result of excessive foaming. Refer to the dishwasher’s instructions for this and other aspects regarding water saving.

Ensure efficient water-saving operation

Whenever you remember, check and clean the pipes and filters of the dishwasher to ensure that the appliance is functioning efficiently. The ideal is to do this task weekly.

After reading this article on how to save water with the dishwasher, are you waiting for what to get one? You will notice the invoice difference at the end of the month!