fixing shower faucet

How to repair a leaky shower faucet.

Today we have a solution to the problem of leaking showers that you can repair by yourself in two ways. Problems with water droplets or leaks from the faucet. Don’t call a plumber. You can repair it by yourself. Help save money plus help save water as well.

Tools Required
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Handle puller
  • Pocket knife
Materials Required
  • faucet cartridge
  • rubber gasket

1.Repair at the shower faucet.

Twist the faucet off completely. The water is still leaking indicating that the faucet head has a problem.

remove the inner nut out.
  • Close the main water valve and try to open the shower. Water must not flow out.
  • Use a pocket knife to remove the cover in the middle of the faucet head. You will See the inner screw and Use a screwdriver to remove the inner screw out.
Remove Cartridge
  • Remove the faucet cartridge. (When removing the faucet, it will be seen.) Remove faucet cartridge with a cartridge puller or a device for removing the faucet.
  • Insert a new cartridge.Unscrew the new cartridge screw into place. In the same location where you removed the old faucet cartridge.
  • Close the faucet completely. Open the valve and the water does not leak indicates that the repair is completed But the water still leaks Repair the inner faucet core.

2.Repair at the inner axes.

  • Close the main water valve and try to open the shower. Water must not flow out.
  • Remove the faucet axis. By using a wrench or pliers. Wait until the water runs out of the tap.
Change rubber gasket
  • Change the rubber gasket. Choose Rubber gaskets fit to the taps.
  • Insert the faucet axis into place and use a wrench or pliers tightening
  • Make sure that the water does not leak from the shower faucet.

Tips : When you buy a device for removing the faucet cartridge (cartridge puller). Check if it is used with your brand taps.