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How to make homemade degreaser in 3 powerful recipes

The degreaser is a very important cleaning product in the kitchen, especially on days when you decide to do some frying that makes everything greasy. There are several options for grocery shopping. But if you care about the home economy and like home-made recipes. Check out some ideas on how to prepare your home degreaser to save money.

With 2 ingredients

All recipes are very simple to make and this is one of them because you will only need two ingredients.

Home-made-degreaser - Chemical free home cleaner products concept. Using natural destilled white vinegar in spray bottle to remove stains.
  • Alcohol, vinegar: 300 ml;
  • Neutral detergent: 300 ml.
Method of preparation and use
  1. Mix the two ingredients in a spray bottle, apply directly to the greasy places, let it act for a few minutes and then wipe with a sponge or cloth.
Citrus Homemade Degreaser

This recipe is a product that not only serves as a degreaser but is also a multipurpose tile cleaning because it has a very tasty aroma.

Citrus Homemade Degreaser
  • Clean canning jars: 1 unit;
  • Vinegar: to fill the jars;
  • Orange or lemon peel: to fill the jars.
Method of preparation
  1. After washing and drying the canned jars of these small sizes, half fill it with fresh orange or lemon peel and then almost to the brim with white vinegar;
  2. Leave the mixture for 2 weeks in the closed jars. Then transfer to a spray bottle to clean the house, including removing grease from the stove, hood, countertops, floors, and pans.
For heavy cleaning

While the previous recipe is smelly and light, recommended for everyday degreasing, this version is more powerful and leaves the dishes in a single shine.

  • Bar soap or neutral soap: 50 grams;
  • Laundry soap: 150 grams;
  • Hydrogen peroxide 30 volumes: 90 ml;
  • Water: 4 liters + 500 ml.
Method of preparation
  1. Begin by grating the soap or soap into the thick drain of an ordinary grater
  2. Place it, already grated, in a pan and add the 500 milliliters of water. Bring to the fire so that the soap melts, and stir it constantly
  3. When fully melted, reduce heat and add washing powder. In a few seconds the mixture will be very thick, keep stirring;
  4. When it is very thick, turn off the fire
  5. In a bowl, pour the 4 liters of water and then mix this prepared liquid, still hot. Once well mixed, add hydrogen peroxide. Finally, just bottle to start using. It yields almost 5 liters of product.