Young man holding nose cause of bad smell in refrigerator at home

How to get a bad smell from the refrigerator + tips to prevent the problem

Getting into the kitchen and feeling that unpleasant smell and noticing that it comes from the refrigerator. This one of the worst feelings for an owner or housewife. After all, this is the biggest clue that something has spoiled and probably soured. Not to mention the chance of having contaminated other foods in the process. The problem is that sometimes even throwing the food off the smell remains. So that you do not have to suffer anymore from this. We’ll teach you to finish off the unpleasant odor and still give you tips to prevent the problem from recurring.

Remove all food from the refrigerator and make a thorough cleaning

The first step to getting rid of bad odor is to simply wash the entire affected area. To do this, first, remove all the foods that are in the refrigerator and put your hand in the dough for a thorough cleaning. Do not forget that you will also have to take out drawers. Shelves and anything else that can come loose from the appliance. Oh, you also have to turn the refrigerator off to avoid any accidents.

In general, to clean the refrigerator efficiently it is necessary to clean by use pass the soft part of the sponge with a neutral detergent in all corners and removable parts. A damp cloth will help you remove any traces of soap. For more effective cleaning, pass a little vinegar with baking soda throughout the area.

Caution: Food spoilage

Did you think that just leaving the refrigerator cleaned up, the problem was over? None of this! When sour food is quite high possible it has spoilage. And you may even get rid of the invading microorganisms inside the appliance. But it’s good to check that they are not in any container yet. So smell the food one by one before storing it again. That is because, if some food spoilage. You already throw your food away before it makes the fridge start to stink again.

To avoid bad odors put a cup of coffee in the refrigerator

There are some very useful tips for anyone who wants to keep the problem from getting stinky again. One is, after cleaning, put a cup of coffee powder inside the refrigerator. It may seem strange since its smell is quite characteristic, but it will actually help prevent any unpleasant odors. Every 30 days replace the coffee with a new one and wash the refrigerator again. Oh, this trick also works with baking soda, in case you do not want to give up your precious coffee to leave the appliance without odors.

Note the validity of food to prevent the problem from recurring

Another tip to avoid suffering from the bad smell in the refrigerator is to note the validity of the food. In the case of the meals, you have prepared at home. Put each food in a different bowl by not mixing with the other food of it can spoiling diminish and write the day the food prepared. With this, you will know if the food is already passing the point or not preventing it from spoiling and generate that smell so unpleasant.