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How to cleaning walls with easily way

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Say goodbye to dirty wall problems by cleaning the walls of the house in easy way. This event guarantees the walls to be clean every inch.

How to cleaning the wall.

        Before starting to clean the walls, move the furniture that is close to the wall first. And then bring the cloth to cover to prevent dust And then start cleaning. Start According to the various steps by cleaning the wipes. Start from the bottom to the top and immediately wipe the water dry. To prevent stains Including when washing out the water Try to check and change the water frequently. Do not use dirty water to wipe it repeatedly. For other way to cleaning wall methods can be done as follows.

General wall cleaning.

After moving and covering the furniture successfully. You must sweep dust out from a wall first. If broom has hardness to sweep use old coat or rag to cover the broom head to prevent the broom from sweeping to scrape against the wall until it is scratched. Regularly washing or changing the fabric when it is found that the fabric is dirty Because if still using the same fabric will cause dirt in the fabric to stick to other side walls. When you wipe a dust finished then use a cloth or sponge to moisten the wall cleaner Then wipe from the bottom up to the top by bit.

Cleaning the painted walls

         For cleaning painted walls should use caution when wiping To protect the paint from peeling. Start by dusting out and followed by removal of dirt Then soak the cloth with liquid soap in warm water. Or you can use vinegar mixed with water and wipe to the wall Leave it for 5 minutes. Then put the cloth soak with water to wipe it out. But if the stain still remains then mix baking soda with warm water spray in the towel and wipe the area with dirt. Then use a cloth soaked with water to wipe 1 time before using dry cloth to wipe repeatedly.

Cleaning the walls, installing wallpapers.
Sepia toned image of a feather broom and bucket in front of retro wallpaper

The first step is Need to saddle the guide and various instructions thoroughly because each type of wallpaper requires different care. Then start to clean up get with a soft bristle brush or feather broom round the dust off. Typical wallpaper that can wash with water. Then lead Sponge soaked with soap or warm water mixed with a little ammonia. Then wipe the wall vinyl coated wallpaper use soak the clean cloth into mixes warm water and vinegar together. Wipe it on the wall to clean be careful not to use vinegar directly on the wall.

If the wallpaper remains stained Then clean the stain completely and carefully. Then wipe the cloth with water to wipe away the various. After that use a dry cloth to wipe again To make the walls dry and clean as well.

Cleaning wooden walls.

First, carefully remove the dust or dirt from the wall. Then mixed soap or mild cleanser in warm water and sponge to be moistened to wipe the wall. mix warm water and cup vinegar into the new bucket. And then wipe moistened cloth to rub the stains attached to the wall first. Then put a clean cloth to moisten the water and wipe clean the stains on the wall to clean normally and use dry cloth to wipe again after cleaning.

Cleaning the bare plaster walls.

The first step is to take a dry cloth or brush to clean away dust and dirt from the wall first. Then bring a clean cloth to moisten the water and wipe the wall again After that, mix liquid soap. (Not mixed with ammonium) 2-3 pumps put in 1 gallon (3.79 l) of water. Then dip the brush and scrub the stains out. When the wall is clean, wipe with a clean cloth and dry cloth again.