Young woman cleaning oven with rag in kitchen

How to cleaning oven and make it brand-new

Those who enjoy cooking know that it is necessary to clean the stove with a frequency. Especially because otherwise, it gets that dirty look that nobody likes. So when everyone does not realize when it is dirty and needs that little cleaning. Want to your brand new? So follow our tips!

cleaning oven

Start with the bars

To clean the oven. The first thing you need to do is take out your grills and any other type of removable object if you have one. And, since this is so, how about starting with your cleaning? Believe me, there is not much mystery here: just clean with water and detergent with the help of a sponge. Pass through each filament to remove any trace of grease. If the oven has a tray it is better to use the soft part of the sponge. (because of the chances of the object to scratch are high.)

The self-cleaning oven has an easier cleaning

Let’s start with the self-cleaning oven since it has easier cleaning and a process a little different from the traditional one. Just make sure it is close and safe. The self-cleaning function. It is very important that it not opened before the predetermined time. So we must sure to make sure that no one will need to use it in that period.
When finished, remove any ash that has fallen into the bottom of the appliance. Wipes it with a damp cloth to remove the unfinished stub.

The traditional oven is cleaned with detergent

Well, you imagine that you waited for the oven to cool down and removed it from the outlet to separate the grates and start cleaning, but it does not cost anything to remember, does it? Once done, time to get your hands on the dough! First, remove any bits of food that have fallen – but do not scrape hard, so as not to scratch the surface!

Then wash with detergent, always using the soft part of the sponge. If you want to strengthen this cleaning. the tip is to make a mixture of vinegar with baking soda and sprinkle it in the oven. Allow plenty of time for the mixture to act and only then remove everything with the sponge. The tip to know if it is already clean is to see if there are no stains or if the surface is greasy. Oh, and on the glass side, you can use only vinegar or detergent. Because these two products are enough to remove any dirt.

Tips for Keeping the Oven Always Clean

Tip number 1 for those who do not want to come across a filthy oven is simply to create the habit of cleaning it regularly. It is difficult to find a family that uses it every day, so how about cleaning it every time it is used? Just wait for the appliance to cool down and follow the tips we’ve already given. If it is not too greasy the work will be very fast, and you can even add it to your checklist.