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Learn How to Cleaning the mirror without scratching or abrading the surface.

Who has never dealt with stains, scratches and other scuffs when he needed to clean a mirror, right? If you continue to have these problems, you do not have to worry. Incorporating some simple and practical cleaning tips you can preserve the surface of the glass for even longer!

Before you begin, wipe the mirror with a dry cloth to remove dust.

The first step in cleaning the mirror without scratches is to wipe a dry cloth or mop over the surface. This helps remove grains of dust and other particles. That can create small scratches or wear out the glass – anything we do not want right?

Use sponges and soft cloths to wipe the mirror without scratching
Another tip is to choose the sponge or cloth that will be used for cleaning. Look for lighter, lighter, lint-free options, which helps prevent scratches and the famous blurry effect on the mirror surface. A microfiber cloth, for example, is a good suggestion for this moment.

Window cleaner, alcohol and hot water help prevent stains on the surface

The substance used to clean the mirror is also important in order to avoid wear and tear on the surface. Set aside bleach: choose those products that are suitable for this type of cleaning, such as clean glass, or have less abrasive formulas, such as neutral soap. A little alcohol or hot water can also be used in this process. It is also important to never apply the product directly on the mirror. This prevents the black marks and, if your mirror has a frame, that the glue used in the assembly releases.

Divide the mirror into parts at the time of cleaning also helps to preserve it

Even after drying. the chosen cleaning product can also leave stains on the surface of the mirror and wear it over time. To solve this problem, a good tip is to divide the area of ​​the glass into equal parts and clean one at a time. Thus, it is possible to prevent stains, scratches and other types of damage.

Finish cleaning the mirror with a dry paper towel

To ensure a brighter surface, wipe the mirror clean with a dry paper towel. This will remove any excess product that could damage the glass in the long run, as well as avoid blurry and dull appearance.

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