woman warming her hands on a heater

How To Clean Your Portable Air Heater

Your heater is comfortable to keep your home warm! However, do not forget that it must keep clean to function well. In this article, we give the best tips for this purpose!

Whenever you clean your house, you should not neglect the heater, which fulfill the role of heating your space! In fact, it may seem a rather boring task, as they retain a lot of dirt and dust. However, we have easy tips for you to clean your radiator without delay.

The most important tip of all!
Hand in pink rubber protective glove with rag wiping a heater radiator.

We have an initial advice to make it more practical to clean thoroughly this appliance. It is important that you clean it regularly to remove accumulated dirt, often in difficult places. This will allow the heater to remain less dirty, making it easier to clean thoroughly know that this more comprehensive cleaning should be done monthly. Note well! Failure to properly clean this equipment will result in malfunctions and poor performance.

In addition, we want to make it clear that it is important to clean your heater safely. So turn it off and wait for it to cool down before cleaning. In order to be more hygienic and safe, always put gloves on your hands. On the other hand, to keep the floor and walls from staining dirt, put newspaper in the bottom and around the heating appliance.

If you have prepared the task well then you can start it. You will see that it will not be complicated!

For this task, you will need the following tools:
  • soap
  • Scotch tape
  • dryer or air gun
  • warm water
  • cloth
  • thin piece of wood

However, if you have a heater be sure to use it as it is the best way to clean this home appliance. Step by step now!

Tips – how to proceed:
Cleaning the radiator from dust
  1. First remove accumulated dust and dirt from the surface. Refer to the dryer or air gun (you can also use a fine-tip vacuum cleaner). If you do not have any of these instruments in your possession, use a duster. It is fitting that remove all dust and dirt the inner and outer.
  2. As this equipment have hard-to-reach places, it is best that you cling a piece of cloth to the stick. As soon as this makeshift equipment is ready, run the heater from top to bottom so that the dirt get caught in the cloth. If you can not clean the more curved parts (the outer ones, mainly), you can use a brush to facilitate the removal of dirt.
  3. Then add water and soap in a bucket. Dampen the cloth in this mixture and pass it on the outside of the heater. However, wipe with a dry cloth. If you want to do a deeper cleaning, use ammonia detergent. Do not allow the soap and water mixture to stick to the heater, as it is best to avoid sticky and difficult to remove stains. Also, prevent soap from getting inside the heater. Just focus on the outside right now!
  4. Finally, remove any dirt around the radiator. Having this environment always taken care of, it avoids that the dust adhere to the device. So when cleaning the house, remember the heater too! We recommend a monthly cleaning to keep them clean and functioning properly.

Do not forget these heater cleaning tips when cleaning! You can share them with your friends, because any housewife will want to know them!