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How to clean washing machine with vinegar: 3 simple tips

It may be wine, alcohol, apple or cereal vinegar. The important thing is to always have a bottle of vinegar at home for different uses. Vinegar is good for health, beauty and also helps with household cleaning with its disinfectant property. That’s why you can clean your washing machine with vinegar, inside and out. See how to do it and save on cleaning the electrics at home.

Clean washing machine with vinegar

Even though it is a washing machine, it does not mean that it is always clean. Over time, the machine accumulates various residues left by clothes, such as paper, hair, sand, clay, thread and hair, leaves and even the accumulation of products used to clean clothes.

So, by using the washing machine technique with vinegar you get a great result. The vinegar will leave the machine disinfected, without stains (if it is white) and without odors. See how to do this cleaning efficiently.

So, by using the washing machine technique with vinegar you get a great result. The vinegar will leave the machine disinfected, without stains (if it is white) and without odors. See how to do this cleaning efficiently.

Start by cleaning the loose parts

Before doing general cleaning inside and outside your machine, start by cleaning the parts that come loose, such as the soap and fabric softener drawers, the central filter and the lid.

All of these parts can be removed and washed with a sponge under the tap. You can wash with regular dish detergent and then apply a cloth soaked in vinegar. Pay attention to the filter, as it serves precisely to hold threads of hair and clothes, so you need to remove this dirt by hand.

Inside washing machine

Internal cleaning with washing

After thoroughly cleaning all parts of the machine that come loose, it’s time to wash the drum inside. To do this, set your machine to a normal wash, without centrifuging, with medium water level and with activated sauce. Put white vinegar in the soap drawer.

Let the machine run empty, with only water in it, until finished. Then, leave the lid open to dry naturally. You don’t need to use a cloth to dry the interior.

As an option, you can wait for the machine to fill, open it and place a mixture of 2 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 1 glass of water. Baking is also good for even deeper cleaning and removal of debris. If your machine has a front opening, you can put this mixture in the soap drawer.

Clean the outside

On the outside, your washing machine also needs a good cleaning now and then. Over time it will become yellow and stained with products that spill a little bit when using.

Then, mix 1 part water with 1 part white vinegar and use a clean cloth to wipe this mixture around the entire machine.

Leave for about 10 minutes and then use a clean, dry cloth to dry well. If it doesn’t dry, it will have those marks on the dirty cloth.

How often should I clean the washing machine with vinegar?

This cleaning will depend on the frequency of use of your machine. In general, you can do it once a month. But if you usually wash clothes 3 or more times a week, you can do this cleaning every 15 days. As you only need vinegar and, at most, baking soda, it is economical to clean.

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