Clean trash - hand holding a trash garbage bag at home to take it away

How to clean trash and avoid bad smell in the kitchen

Trash-smelling kitchen no one deserves. See how simple it is to keep the trash always clean and smelling

The kitchen is a delicious home environment were aromatic and delicious meals prepared for the family. But it is inevitable to make the food also produces garbage. What can not happen is to leave the kitchen smelling of garbage, which is very unpleasant and even makes you lose your appetite. What’s more, without good periodic cleaning, it is also unhygienic. So, see simple tips on how to clean the kitchen trash and avoid the bad smell.

How to stop the smell of trash

You don’t always have to wait for the kitchen dumpster to get full to change the trash bag. It all depends on the type of garbage that produced, as some types of food scraps make the smell much stronger and make much more dirt.

If you have only two or three people in your house, avoid having a very large dumpster as it will need to be replaced even when it is almost empty. This is a tip to not leave too much garbage accumulated, increasing the dirt and stink. Now, see the cleaning tips.


Vinegar is a great ally in the kitchen for both seasoning and disinfectant use. It has a bactericidal and odor neutralizing action, so you can use it diluted with a little water to clean the trash. Fill the trash can with water and stir in a little vinegar of alcohol, letting it work for half an hour.

Then wash normally with a dowel for this purpose (not the same as the dishes) and let it dry in the sun. If you prefer, you can apply vinegar directly to a cloth and wipe the entire trash if it is clean, just smelling bad.

Perfumed bleach

If you want a more powerful solution for cleaning the bin and eliminating bacteria and odors, mix it with scented bleach according to the product package instructions. The idea of ​​using scented bleach is that the kitchen will not get that strong smell of the chemical.

If not on the market, buy ordinary bleach and after cleaning wipe with a disinfectant or softener diluted in some water throughout the trash can.

Remember to clean every week.

Oftentimes, even taking out the trash often, the trash can still smell bad. So whichever method you use, do cleaning at least once a week or whenever you feel it is necessary. This will prevent the build-up of sticky residues that make this stink harder to get out and leave everything clean.

To avoid bad smell keep a lid on the bin

The main tip when avoiding the bad smell coming from the kitchen bin is always to keep it well covered. This tip is important because sometimes you changed the garbage and just threw it an onion skin, but it will be enough for the smell to spread throughout the house. What’s more, the lid prevents insects and rodents from being drawn into the kitchen for food.