Concept of cleaning detail of washing machine, stainless drum inside

How to clean the washing machine: 4 steps

Learn how to clean the washing machine and maximize your years of life and with excellent results. Clean a smelling clothes!

It is one of the most used and overloaded appliances. It has the function of transforming the laundry into clean and scented pieces. But then who cares for the machine itself? Learn how to clean the washing machine and ensure that your performance does not fall short of your expectations.


There are several solutions to how to properly clean the washing machine. Whether it’s ready-to-use buying solutions or more home-made options, the important thing is to be sure to maintain the machine and make sure you ‘lose’ some time with it.

Hand in protective glove carefully cleaning the washing machine. Regular clean up
Step # 1

The first step for everyone to know how to clean the washing machine is to completely empty the machine and set the machine to the highest temperature available, as if it were loaded with the highest capacity and the longest cycle.

Add four cups of vinegar to a little hot water and put some inside the drum and another add in the wash drawer.

Run the machine for a while and after a few minutes pause or stop, depending on the type of machine. Let stand for one hour with the mixture inside so that the vinegar can truly act on the dirt.

Step # 2

Enjoy this moment of ‘pause’ and while the machine is resting, devote all your attention to the outside. Yes, because to know how to clean the washing machine properly. You have to ensure that the outside also stays flawless!

For this step, all you need is a soft cloth dipped in a little vinegar and if you find the mixture too strong, dilute it in a little water.

If your machine has a top opening, wipe the entire interior with a cloth moistened with a little water and mild soap.

If you have a model with front opening, pay particular attention to the washing machine’s rubber. Many residues and dirt accumulate in this place! Wipe clean and soaked in the vinegar-water solution. (if desired, you can also add some mild soap) Remove any scouring residue that may be hiding in the corners.

Be sure to wipe clean all the way around the rubber and overhangs. You can use a soft, used toothbrush to help with this task.

Step # 3

The ‘how to clean the washing machine in a few steps’ guide reached the third level: the machine drawer. If you think hard about the amount of product that goes through here, you’re really scared.

The process for cleaning the drawer is very simple! Remove it from the machine and rub it with a brush. If you want to in terms of cleaning, you can soak it for a few minutes in mild soap and water.P

Step # 4

Close the machine again and let it finish the cycle you originally programmed. If your washing machine is very dirty, repeat the process again.


If you prefer to know how to clean the washing machine with solutions of purchase and not with the old but always effective vinegar, know that there are several versions of own solutions for sale in any supermarket.


The process of how to clean the washing machine is quite simple, do not you think? To ensure that the whole process is simple and that your machine is well treated, more than knowing how to clean, prevent preventable dirt.

First of all, perform a prevention wash at least every two months. And to make this cleaning and to ensure that nothing goes wrong, first read the instruction booklet of your machine. You only have to do it once and you’re sure you will not do anything wrong.

Do not forget the machine filter. How many times did you remove and clean the filter from the machine? Let’s count … never, right? For this piece should be seen and cleaned at least once a month. Simply unscrew the cap, remove the filter, shake and brush with a soft brush and look like new.

Cleaning The Debris Filter In Top load Washing Machine

There are also some maintenance tips that will help keep the machine cleaner:

Use the recommended amount of detergent, neither more nor less;
always follow the dosage instructions on the detergent label to wash the laundry;
Do not skimp on lozenges, especially if you live in an area of ​​the country with a lot of this mineral in the water; the pellets will keep the inlet and outlet pipes free of mineral deposits;
do a regular inspection of the pipes — if necessary ask the help of a professional.
Above all, treat your machine with care, she thanks and returns with well-washed and smelling clothes!