Cleaning kitchen with sponge

How to clean the kitchen thoroughly

How to clean the kitchen thoroughly

Before starting to clean the kitchen. We should prepare clean equipment such as dishcloths, sponge, toilet paper and rubber gloves to protect your hands from chemicals from various reagents. After that, check the list of cleaning products that you have to buy. Such as the following.

  • Surface cleaning products Or disinfectant spray
  • Antibacterial cleaning solution for refrigerators and lockers
  • Cleaner for cooking stove
  • Floor cleaning solution
  • Lemon peel
  • Wood or metal polishers
Cleaning cabinets and cabinet surfaces
  • Clean the inside of the cabinet. Is the first thing to do for every cabinet Should be used to spray germs all over And use a clean microfiber cloth
  • Use the cleanser as allocated. For the front of the cabinet Use a cup of warm water mixed with a little soap. Using only a towel is enough. If it is a wooden door Must use a cleaning solution designed to clean the wood in particular
  • Polished open-closed cabinet doors If your cabinet is not clean Remove the handle and soak it in the wash basin before polishing. When finished, wipe or dry. Your handle will look like new.
  • Bring everything back And clean the dust Clean the items before you bring them back. By washing it clean And use a dry cloth to dry before storing
Cleaning kitchenware

The big cleaning work in the kitchen is inevitable. Cleaning the refrigerator and cooking stove. But if you clean both of these things at once You will save a lot of time.

Cleaning the refrigerator and cooking stove
cleaning kitchen oven
  • Use the cleaning solution with the oven. First, unplug, remove the rack and spray the cleaning solution inside the oven and the lid area. Don’t forget to wear gloves before cleaning. Causing the kitchen to have ventilation all the time
  • Scrub the sieve, remove the sieve, spray with a cleaning solution and put it back in the oven. Leave it for about 30 minutes
  • Deal with refrigerators and freezers, unplug and remove everything from the refrigerator and freezer. Leave expired and unwanted items And put fresh meat and fish into the cooler box. While you are cleaning Because these items should not be placed outside the refrigerator for more than 20-30 minutes because they may rot.
  • Shelves in the refrigerator Bring out the shelves outside. And soaked with soap or dishwashing liquid in the sink
  • Clean the inner wall of the refrigerator. Wipe the wall with an anti-bacterial cleaning spray. And use a clean microfiber cloth
  • Soak the components of the oven. Arranged in the oven section Remove the tray and the grill inside the oven. Then soak it in the sink
  • Scrub the oven, scrub the top of the oven. Both inside and outside with a sponge
  • Purify the bubbles Dip the sponge in clean water. And rub the oven with a sponge to clean until no bubbles
  • Sanding tray and sieve Clean the tray and grate and put it in the oven as before.

For cleaning small appliances such as microwaves, you need to remove everything that can be removed. Go clean in the sink Microwave can be cleaned both inside and outside to get rid of dirt.

Things to do to make the kitchen look clean, shiny.
Person Hands In Blue Glove Cleaning Silver Kitchen Sink
  • Scrub the sink To do this job as a later job Because it should be done before cleaning other kitchens Pour warm water, mix a little detergent. Or use lemon peel to polish Leave it for about 1-2 minutes before polishing around the sink. And do not use abrasive materials to cause the sink to become scratched
  • Clean the floor. Finally, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floor in the kitchen. Then rub the floor with water mixed with a little cleaner. Rub thoroughly and let it dry. Just as your work is done.