Maid cleans the bathtube with a cleaning spray

How to clean the bathtub and keep it free of stains

Cleaning the bathtub is crucial so that your bath is really relaxing. Learn how to clean bathtubs with these tips.

Important step

It is crucial to identify what material you are dealing with before choosing. The best method of how to remove stains from the bathtub and clean them efficiently without damaging it. Here are recommendations for the three most common types of materials:

Porcelain: In addition to being more durable, porcelain tubs are extremely sturdy and can be cleaned with a wider variety of products.

Acrylic: Acrylic is very similar to plastic, running the risk of getting deform or scratching. Therefore, avoid the use of abrasive cleaning materials such as steel sponges.

Enamel: Enameled bathtubs are less common and require more care. No product containing bleach or caustic soda should be used in this material so that it does not rust or stain permanently.

Nothing like taking a bath to relax. But for this, it is necessary that the bathtub is properly clean. To help you with this task, here are tips on how to clean tub efficiently. Removing stains and leaving you ready for your next bath.

How To Clean a Bathtub
Close up of female hands with rubber gloves cleaning bathtub

There is a wide variety of products that can help you who need to clean grimy bathtub and remove stains that have formed over time.

For those who do not want to waste time preparing home-made solutions, investing in a specific product for this type of cleaning is the solution. Use a cleaner that does not contain chlorine in its composition. Removes the soap stain and yellow residues that stain the bath. It can use in all types of material. Just remember to read the instructions on the label and test the product in a small, unobtrusive area before using it throughout the area.

Another option is to use a cream cleaner. Because it contains chlorine in its composition, the product sanitizes the surfaces, eliminating germs and bacteria from the tub. However, its use is only recommended for porcelain and enamel bathtubs. the cream cleaner is not suitable for cleaning acrylic bathtubs because it can scratch the material.

How to Clean a Hot Tub

The whirlpool requires some special care, as well as cleaning the surface. It is necessary to wash the pipes and jet exits so that they do not become refugees for fungi and bacteria. Read the following how to wash whirlpool bath without wasting time:

  1. Fill the tub with hot water until it covers all the jet exits. Add two tablespoons of neutral detergent and turn on for about 15 minutes. Using a dishwasher detergent is also a good option as it will not make too much foam. After this procedure, empty the bathtub completely.
  2. Fill the tub, this time with cold water. Reconnect and turn on the hot tub for 15 minutes to remove any soap residue that might have been inside the pipes. Empty the tub again.
  3. Now, if you want to know how to sanitize whirlpool, the tip is to use chlorine gel. Apply the product over the entire surface, with special attention to the exit of the hot tub. If necessary, rub the stains with a brush and jets with a toothbrush.
  4. Rinse with cold water and leave the bathroom well ventilated for the tub to dry.