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How to clean the bathroom in a practical and quick way

Learning how to clean the bathroom will make your life easier and make the sanitation process much faster. After all, as this environment is small, with some tricks it is possible to leave the space totally clean, free of bacteria and germs, and the main one: ready to use. The issue of cleanliness can resolve in minutes, without great efforts and efficiently. Thinking exactly about practicality, here we separate punctual tips on how to do everything quickly and leave the bathroom shining.

For you to learn how to clean the bathroom, you need to understand 7 important points that naturally surround this space so used in any home. Knowing these tips will make it much easier to remove the dirt and keep the environment always in order with that longer-lasting cleaning look.

About the products, we can anticipate that the costs are affordable and you will not need to change much of your shopping list. For the whole cleaning process, you will need bleach, remover, vinegar, liquid detergent, disinfectant (if you want a more fragrant environment), sponge and sanitary brush. Do not forget to separate clothes from soft fabrics. We will use a damp cloth to remove the first layer of cleaning and a dry one to give the final shine. Come with us for tips!

Cleaning the toilet
CLEAN-TOILETHands on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

The toilet is the dirtiest item in the bathroom. Therefore, before cleaning, do not forget the gloves, which can be plastic used for cleaning or silicone. The important thing is to protect your hands to stay healthy.

Use bleach and a bushing to rub the inside of the toilet bowl. Ideally, always leave to soak for a while, usually about two minutes. On the outside of the vase, you can use some of the vinegar with those special fat removers. They are more creamy and also form a layer to clean and protect the object. Another tip is to use baking soda and hot water for external cleaning, this helps to remove the bacteria that can stay in this area.

To remove the product is just to throw water. Inside the vessel, the discharge itself can help when rinsing. It is important to remember that it is recommended to use an exclusive cleaning cloth.

“One of the biggest mistakes in a cleaner is to use the same cloth and the same loofah that was used in the bathroom, which leads to various bacteria and health problems for the other localities of the house. In this way, you have separated these items to maintain the health of your home. “

Cleaning sinks

The sinks and vats also deserve care. When applying toilet cleaning tips, remember that the potting material is basically the same as the sink, but it is best to use another sleeve to remove the dirt from that point.

“Make a disinfectant by putting a little water, alcohol vinegar and baking soda in a spray bottle. This mixture is great for cleaning bathroom surfaces and also kitchen “

The closet is an important item to keep the bathroom organized and cleaning on the object is also critical. Some personal items like creams, toothpaste, and even toilet paper can be stored in the closet. In the case of cleaning, it is worth consulting the manufacturer and taking care not to ruin the material, which is usually plastic, stone or even wood.

Cleaning the drains
CLEAN-TOILET - Close up detail view on unidentifiable rubber gloved hand cleaning shower stall floor drain with green sponge

Typically, a bathroom has two drains. One is right under the shower and the other is in the center of the space where the sink and the toilet area. Both are dirty because they receive the cleaning water. However, the drain inside the box is the one who suffers most with bad odors and even with the junction of the dirt of the body with the hair, which usually forms a crust in the drain or inside the barrel.

Here, the tip is to use those vase brushes to remove the thicker dirt. To clean, you need to use some remover with water and scrub well, removing the layers of dirt. Another good product to remove the bad smell is the vinegar. Clean with detergent or bleach and then pour the vinegar.

Cleaning the box
CLEAN-TOILET-portrait of young woman cleaning shower door

Another important item on the toilet cleaning list is the box. Many people are left with doubts and even fear of scratching or tarnishing the material. However, the cleanliness is simple and worth the tip that we separate.

Use a soft brush with neutral detergent and hot water. Use the soft part of the bushing to wipe the outside and inside. Then rinse to remove the entire layer of soap on the glass. Once clean and dry, we have a little secret on this item. To avoid those grease stains on the glass of the box that remains after the bath, the indicated one is to pass polishes furniture after doing all the cleaning and drying.

The furniture polish will create a thin coat. So, every time someone gets out of the bath, the water that is standing on the glass will evaporate and those spots will not form. That is, you will have for a week, more or less, the glass always clean, without blemishes. Remember that it is not advisable to move your hand on the glass after the application of the furniture polish and that the cloth to apply the product should be soft not to scratch the glass.

The ideal is to perform the cleaning weekly. If stains persist, seek a company that specializes in cleaning, which will use specific products to remove these stains.

Cleaning other objects
Maid hand or charwoman cleaning modern new basin in bathroom, water tap clean using yellow gloves and blue cloth.

The tip can also apply when cleaning other bathroom objects. A good run of cloth on decorative products and objects that are exposed is important as they also contain dirt, bacteria, and germs.

Speaking of dirt, the soap dish is a widely used accessory in this environment. To clean it, use a little warm water with a portion of neutral detergent. Let it act for a few minutes and remove it with the help of a soft spout. Do not use abrasive bushings to avoid damaging your soap dish, especially if it is made of plastic or stainless steel.

Walls and floors

Maybe this part of the bathroom is the simplest to wash. The walls are usually tile, and this facilitates the removal of those natural fats that form a layer, sometimes even dark spots.

On the floor, we have in some cases the appearance of that mud, those green spots. They arise because of the water that is left standing after the bath. Cleanliness is simple. You can use baking soda, hot water, and a hard bristle brush. Just make this mixture and brush the grouts of the floor, performing the rinse so that no residue. Count on the shower water at high temperature for this cleaning.

Bathroom with exhaust fan or windows

Anyone who has a bathroom with windows does not have to worry about mold, for example. The cleaning of the box is the same indicator for the bathroom glass. However, whoever has the exhaust fan in the bathroom needs to be extra careful.

When removing stains from mold, it is recommended to use a mixture of bleach with water, the latter should appear at a much higher level in the mixture. It is ideal to squeeze this mix into the stain and wait a few seconds to scrub. Use a dry cloth to remove moisture from the area.

Another important detail, especially for those who have a bathroom with a hood and without windows, is always leaving the bathroom door open to vent the air. Avoid leaving wet towels inside the bathroom as this only helps for the appearance of stains and mildew.

These tips confirm how to clean the bathroom is easy and anyone can apply such care to keep the environment clean. Now, after cleaning everything, you can use a disinfectant to put in the toilet or also this environment odorizes. Nothing better than a clean, smelling bathroom, is not it?