Choosing Tile - The hands of the tiler are laying the ceramic tile on the floor.

How to choose the floor for your bathroom

Floor tile installation. floor tiling by manual worker

When choosing the floor for your bathroom should keep in mind the style you want to give the room, as well as the budget and routine of your family. To help you with this task presents you with a complete guide to the types of flooring available on the market and its characteristics. So that you can choose the flooring for your bathroom in a more informed way.

– Cork

Resistant to mold, mildew, and water, because of the polyurethane top layer, which protects the floor from minor spills (requires maintenance). It is advisable to buy unfinished cork and finish this floor on the floor. It is a complex installation that requires the hiring of a flooring professional.

– Bamboo

If one of your priorities when choosing the floor for your bathroom is the price, bamboo is one of the options. As a rule, it costs half the price, compared to other floors of the same genre. Besides this is a floor, which usually has enough durability, and is also ideal for damp environments. It is also a very simple floor to install, and its parts when damaged easily replaced.

– Wood

A timeless choice, it rarely loses popularity. Wood floors give the bathroom a warm look. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a classic. However, as is well known, water and wood are not the best friends, just a small leak to cause serious damage to this floor. So if you choose the flooring for your wooden bathroom, give preference to plywood because it is tougher than solid wood.

– Ceramics

When choosing the floor for your bathroom you will realize that the market has a wide variety of ceramic tiles available – colors, patterns, etc. What could whet your creativity? To add to this, it is a highly durable and hygienic coating, however, it is advisable to be aware of the porosity classification, as it is a division subject to sufficient humidity. Classifications range from impervious (less absorbent), vitreous, semivitreous and, ultimately, nonvitreous (more absorbent) porosity.


It does not require much maintenance and is usually durable. However, it is a potentially slippery floor when wet, especially if the stone polished. As an alternative, there unpolished stone or textured (sandblasted) stone, but both options require a caretaker to avoid staining. If you choose the flooring for your bathroom of this type, remember to always keep a pair of slippers at your feet, as it tends to be a very cold pavement.

– Vinyl

One of the most popular choices for the decoration of bathrooms. Vinyl can either come in sheets (rolls between 6 to 12 meters wide), as in tiles (usual squares of 12 to 18 centimeters). Available in different colors and patterns. They are usually easy to install and replace, in the case of a damaged part. On the other hand, as its installation involves several “seams”, it creates more spaces for the germs to settle. Regardless of this aspect is easy to clean and stain-resistant material and moisture.

– Laminate

Flooring made from bonded materials – resin, wood fiber, and kraft paper, for example. It compressed under pressure to create the final product, which then made into boards. In fact, the surface of the laminated board is a photographic image, in two layers of wear. The high resolution of the film makes it convey a realistic look as if it were wood – the best known. Among its advantages is that it is very resistant to stains and its durability.

– Rubber / Mat

If your intention when choosing the floor for your bathroom is to convey a more modern style, or contemporary to the room, the rubber floor should be part of your list of options. It is available commercially in rolls, or in small modules. It has enough durability and is still very resistant to stains. Both cleaning and installation are very simple.

Choosing the flooring for your bathroom should not be a light decision. Each of the options described above has its advantages and disadvantages. Make a conscious choice according to your lifestyle.