Hand cleaning wooden table with furniture polish

How to make homemade furniture polishes.

No need to buy the product at the supermarket, just make these mixtures with ingredients you already have furniture polishes at home.

Furniture polishes a product used to make wood furniture look more beautiful, shiny and look new. It can be bought in small at the supermarket, but it also has the option to do it at home and this is another opportunity to save on cleaning products. See how you can make home furniture polish by spending little and rendering more.

3 Ways to Make Homemade Furniture Polishes

Wood furniture should not receive water-based cleaning products, especially if the wood not waterproofed. Water will seep into the wood grain, which may result in fungus and rotting of the part. So, homemade furniture polish recipes oil-based that will give shine without damaging the furniture.

1.With olive oil and alcohol

Alcohol can be used in wooden furniture as it evaporates fast and helps to spread olive oil, which is the ingredient that will shine and will also prevent alcohol from staining.
To make this recipe is very simple. You only need to mix two parts olive oil with one part alcohol. If you want a more delicious aroma, add a few drops of essential oil too.

2.With almond oil and vinegar

If you don’t want to spend your olive oil making a furniture polish, since it’s not one of the cheapest, buy a bottle of body almond oil to make the mix. In addition to working very well, it will also leave the furniture smelling very pleasant. In this version, the mixture made of one part oil and half part vinegar.

3.With fabric softener

Another way to make your wood furniture shine and smell clean is to use fabric softener in the recipe. This version made with cooking oil, which is not fragrant, but as it is not changing for the aroma, so no problem. It also takes alcohol vinegar and fabric softener. The mixture made with 1 tbsp of vinegar, 2 tbsp of oil and 2 tbsp of fabric softener.

How to use correctly

Applying home furniture polish to your wood pieces is simple once you know the right way to do it.

wipeout dust
The first step, after polishing home furniture, is to wipe the furniture with a dry cloth to remove all accumulated dust. Do this even if it has little dust.

Apply the product
Immediately after, put some of your furniture polish on a flannel and apply over the furniture, towards the wood grain, making back and forth movements. No need to apply too much, a small amount is enough.

Wipe dry
After applying the product on the whole piece it is time to dry. Take another dry and clean flannel and polish each part of the furniture, also towards the wood grain, as this is the step that will shine and remove excess oil so that the piece is dry. Is ready. Your furniture will look nicer, smells and will take longer to accumulate dust again.