Waitress cleaning the counter in a restaurant

Flannel, multi-purpose cloth or cleaning cloth? Know when to use each one

Are you sure you are using the right material at the time of the cleaning? So that the cleaning is perfect, the chosen cloth is a fundamental item. If you are one of those who do not care much about it and wear old clothes for this function. It is time to change your habits because to ensure the effectiveness of the cleaning. You must choose the right fabric.

Flannel is ideal for jewelry polishing

A lot of people use cotton flannels to clean anything because of their low price. Even for a long time, they were the favorites of the cleaning, but now they have been left a little aside. After all, they are little resistant and do not have as much capacity to absorb the liquid. But calm the flannel still have utility. They are great when it comes to cleaning books or delicate objects and polishing jewelry.

Microfiber replaces cotton flannels

The microfiber cloths came to replace the cotton cloth. In addition to soft and sturdy, they can last up to eight months! Ideal for washing, they are also recommended for cleaning mirrors, glasses, spectacle lenses, and cameras.

Microfiber towels will change your life when cleaning the bathroom and kitchen – especially the sink countertop. It is worth testing because this material is famous for its ability to absorb moisture.

How to dust off furniture without allergy

Cleaning time is always a problem for allergy sufferers. Especially when it is necessary to dust the furniture. If you suffer from it, use the microfiber cloths. Then, goodbye sneezing and itchy nose crises! This kind of material causes the dust to stick to the cloth and not to fly around it. In fact, did you know that microfiber towels absorb up to six times more than their own weight? Time to play dribble to corner.

Replace sponges with multipurpose cloths

Made of viscose and polyester, multipurpose clothes are a modern and economical option. Considered more hygienic because they are disposable, they are preferred in bars and restaurants, have you noticed? After all, they remove the dirt easily both dry and moist. Try replacing the sponges and brushes with multipurpose cloths when cleaning tiles and sinks that result will be even better!

What to use to have a dirt-free floor

The secret of a clean floor can be in the cloth used, you know? The floor will always be one of the dirtiest places in the house, it is inevitable. Then how you need a tough fabric is no use finding that old clothes will bring good results. So the tip is to use a 100% cotton targeted bag. When well maintained, the material can be a great partner in cleaning for about a year.