Clean air conditioner - Male technician cleaning industrial air conditioner indoors

Easy-to-clean air-conditioning cleaning: following a simple step by step

cleaning air-conditioning

As summer gets closer, the weather gets warmer and hotter and the need to cool off only increases. But not taking 10 baths a day makes us feel so comfortable that when you turn on the air conditioning. That’s the best friend you can not stand sweating anymore. The problem is that many people forget that it needs frequent cleaning. Since the device accumulates mites and bacteria and can cause illnesses by the simple fact of being dirty. Want to know how to solve the problem? Then learn how to clean the air conditioner following a simple step by step:

Use running water to clean the air-conditioning filter

First of all, see the instruction manual of your device because it will indicate the correct location to open the air conditioner effortlessly. Remembering that it should unplug in the outlet to avoid any kind of accident such as shocks. Then remove the filter – which is a kind of screen – and wash it in running water, either cold or warm. If the dirt is very intense you can use a sponge with neutral soap to help you clean it again. Just be careful not to tear or break any area because it was rubbing too hard, okay?

When the filter is with its original color again just let it dry naturally. If you want to advance the process a little, use a clean dry cloth to remove excess water. Then, when it’s fine, just put it back in place and that’s it. Here the most important thing to remember is that chemicals and hot water should avoid, so as not to damage the material. Other than just follow the step by step that there is no mistake! Easy, is not it?

How often do I clean the air conditioner?

The filter is the most important part of your air conditioner. It is precisely what will filter the air for you, and so it gets dirty easily. So if you have such a device at home. The tip is to do the cleaning of your filter once a month, even if outside the summer it is little used. Whether you work at home or because you own a commercial establishment. It is important that hygiene is done every 15 days because the dust accumulation is much greater.

Do not forget to clean the panel

Although the filter is very important, the air-conditioning panel can not be left out! Even more so because the step by step is the same, being necessary to wash it in running water. The difference is that the regularity of its cleaning can a little smaller, although it is not prohibited to clean it once a month too, of course.

In general, keep in mind that the appliance should thoroughly be clean once a year. In this case, the idea is to hire a professional, since it will be necessary to disassemble it to clean harder areas, like the pipe. By following these tips, you and your family will get rid of the dreaded mites and bacteria and the diseases they can carry.