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Do you know how to use chlorine? Find out how can help with house cleaning.

There’s no denying that chlorine is a great ally of house cleaning, but even so, that helper can become a nightmare if you do not know how to use it very well. To get rid of dirt quickly and efficiently, some people make some mistakes and end up damaging surfaces and objects. Are you part of this group and did not even know it? When in doubt, take a look at the tips we separate to use chlorine consciously during the cleaning:

How to Clean the Floor with Chlorine

For that very dirty floor of the kitchen – which is usually so because of the fat – nothing better than washing with chlorine for everything to be clear and fragrant. But if you simply throw the product on the floor and pass the cloth, calm down! For every five liters of water, use only one cup of chlorine. After diluting everything in a bucket there yes you can throw the liquid gradually on the surface. Then, rub it thoroughly with a broom and then wipe it with a cloth. Simple and effective, no?

Use chlorine gel to clean

The chlorine gel is a great partner for cleaning in the bathroom. After all, in addition to the brilliant cleaning, it also helps in preventing mold. To ensure the effectiveness of your bathroom fixture, use the product in areas that are the focus of germs and bacteria, such as the sink and toilet bowl.

How chlorine should not be used

common mistakes can avoid when you know the characteristics of the product and the location that will be clean. In the case of chlorine, it is important to note that it is extremely corrosive. The problem is that a lot of people think that mixing it with powdered soap is ideal for cleaning, when in fact this is a big mistake. The two do not combine because the elements are neutralized. It is also good to remember that the use of chlorine needs to avoid on metal surfaces, such as stainless steel and iron because of the liquid damages the material.

Trick to lighten white clothes

White clothes with a lot of useful time usually get dark – not to mention they are the most vulnerable to blemishes. But you do not have to stop using light pieces just because you’re afraid of them. To bleach your fabric and remove stains efficiently bleach mix with chlorine is a good solution. But this method should only use for white clothes! Do not forget to also check the label if your part has any resistance to some kind of product.

Tips for cleaning the pool

For a very blue pool, chlorine is critical, as this is the most common use product to keep the pool free of algae and bacteria. But for the component to be effective, it needs to be added periodically. Chlorine for cleaning the pool, when dissolved, disinfects the water and kills the microorganisms. Just always take care, because these substances are dangerous to our health, okay? Therefore, it is necessary to wait 24 hours after cleaning to bathe in the pool. Do not forget that undiluted granulated chlorine or pellets thrown directly into the pool can damage vinyl or fiber linings. So keep an eye on the time to choose what you want to use to leave your clean.