A man doing household chores is cleaning bathroom bathtub tiles and fixtures with a soapy white scrub brush.

Cleaning porcelain tile is easy! Learn what to do to make the floor shine

Porcelain flooring is dominating the worldwide construction market and gaining more and more supporters. Indicate for both internal and external areas, the ceramic coating is made of noble materials of uniform and resistant coloring – which attracts a lot of people. But at the time of cleaning it is common to have doubts about how to keep it bright and well maintained. If you are suffering from this at this time you can stay calm because we separate some tips for you to keep your floor protected:

The secret is in the first cleaning

The first cleaning of the porcelain tile is very important. After-work cleaning is crucial to facilitate future sanitation, preventing stains and still leaving the floor shiny. It recommends that it made a maximum of 14 days after the application of the grout.

If you do not know where to start the tip is to go sweeping the area with a soft bristle broom to take away the waste. Then wipe a sponge moistened with water throughout the coating. If the porcelain tile has been marked with ink splatters and these stains are harder to remove do not despair: just use a solvent for paints. Just be sure to, before applying, test on small areas of the floor to make sure it will not ruin the porcelain tile.

How to clean the porcelain tile daily

Cleaning the porcelain tile every day does not have to turn a headache. The process is very simple, effective and applies to polished, matt, structured and enameled surfaces. To make everything shine, use a spoonful of neutral detergent diluted in five liters of water and wipe everything with soft cloths. Another even more efficient tip is to use a porcelain tile floor cleaner.

To remove excess dirt, it is important to choose a soft-bristled broom to avoid scratching the floor. If you prefer to use the vacuum cleaner, choose the nozzle that has a brush. When cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth. With this, you avoid the formation of spots caused by water.

Products that can not use

Despite being a simple floor to clean and sturdy, do not think you can play any product. Applying unsuitable chemicals can ruin your porcelain tile forever! Avoid wax, bleach, soap powder and ammonia. Each one has a different purpose, and none is to clean porcelain, you can be sure.

Adopt new habits in your home to protect the floor

Your porcelain tile floor needs to well maintain to ensure durability. Therefore, some habits can adopt in the environment by you and your family to protect them. First of all, put felt on the furniture feet. That way, you do not risk scratching the surface. If an accident occurs and some liquid is a spill, clean everything immediately to avoid staining. Even carpets at the entrance to the house are more important than you think. That’s because they significantly decrease the amount of dirt coming from the street to your home.

How to Remove Porcelain Stains

Despite all the recommendations to protect the porcelain tile, you are not free of accidents, especially if you have children at home. If something unexpected happens, do not despair, because there is always a trick for those hours.

For coffee, beer, and wine stains, for example, pour a little bleach. If the mark is grease, use alkaline detergent and hot water. For pen ink, pass acetone. But do not forget: use these products only in an emergency. As previously mentioned, they are not recommended for daily cleaning of the porcelain tile, so its use, when necessary, should be local. An interesting tip for shoe brands on the floor is to rub an eraser on the surface. For scrapes, rub the affected area with a tennis ball or other similar material you have at home.