Woman in protective gloves is smiling and wiping dust using a spray and a duster while cleaning her house,

Did you know that it is possible to clean the house practically without water?

When cleaning the rooms in the house. People often abuse water – without worrying about the possible waste that all cleaning generates, right? Only you do not have to use a lot every time you clean the house! We’ll prove to you that there are simple, efficient, and cost-effective ways to clean without water. Check it out!

A woman in black overalls and yellow, rubber gloves dusting a table with a plant
A spray bottle helps save time

When it comes to saving water, the spray bottle is one of the greatest allies. It ensures that you use only the essentials. By spraying walls, floors, and other surfaces – just to moisten and make it easier to clean. In addition to putting little water inside the container. You can also add a small amount of vinegar, detergent or disinfectant. Which helps to sanitize and eliminate the bacteria from the tiles and the kitchen countertop. Simply use a cloth or sponge to scrub the solution more easily and ensure whimsy in the result.

Own cleaners can be used without water

Instead of using soap and water to wash the bathroom, for example, you can use own cleaners for each area. There are multi-purpose (non-chlorine) cleaners that are used to clean the sink and the ceramic part of the toilet. To ensure hygiene, you can also pour abrasive products (chlorine or bleach) into the water in the pot. Thus, you will leave the medium much cleaner and free of bacteria and other microorganisms. Generally, people have the habit of throwing lots of soap and water (on floors, toilets, countertops, etc.) to get that clean feeling. But modern cleaners do this job much more efficiently and economically. Other than that, they do not need to wash after use. Worth a try!

Magic mixes with vinegar and baking soda

To clean the floors of the house, there is a simple and cheaper alternative. Which is to make blends with a couple highly valued by who really understands cleaning: vinegar and baking soda. In a bowl, pour a little water, and then add these two products.

The main secret to saving is to never dump the solution on the floor. You just need to dip a floor cloth in the bowl. Twist it and then go through the whole room with the help of a squeegee. To clean in the kitchen, the logic is the same. Prepare a small glass with water and vinegar, moisten a flannel and go scrubbing well the coatings and grouts. You will see that the cleaning is impeccable, without having to spend much water.

Reaproveite the water from the washing machine

The logic of reuse is good for many things in life – and when it comes to cleaning, that idea also fits in superb. One of the main tips for those who want to save money is to reuse water from the washing machine. It can be used to wash the floor of the yard or the kitchen – just put all the water in a bucket and when necessary, just dump the floor and scrub with the help of a broom. By adopting these cleaning tips, you will see that water savings will be huge!