High angle view of female hands holding a broom and sweeping floor, collecting dust onto a dustpan. Focus on the dust in a dustpan and the broom

Clean note: How to clean brooms, squeegees, and dustpan

Clean note

What do you associate with the word “cleaning”? Probably in activities like sweeping, ironing cloth and cleaning the bathroom. But have you ever thought that, depending on how the utensils used in the process are, they will hinder you more than helping in this task? It is okay to wash the multipurpose cloth or the floorcloth is common. Few people remember that this should also be done with brooms, squeegees, and dustpan. If this is your case, you do not have to worry anymore, because we separate the best tricks to clean each one of them.

clean tool - Male holding squeegee and bucket for cleaning office
Broom bristles need to soak for 15 minutes

The logic of cleaning the broom is the same as washing the towel. it even helps to clean but is left with a trace of dirt.

Taking everything into account, do you already have any idea how much time it takes to clean the broom? Generally speaking, every two weeks, but this period may be less if you think it got too dirty too soon. The first step to making look like new is to bang bristles against the floor so that excess dirt falls easily. Then remove the strands and then tap again to make sure there is no residue left. The tip is to do this step by step outside your home – after all, you must have realized that this can generate a lot of dirt on the floor, right?

Ended? None of this! You can still wash the broom bristles according to your type. If they are nylon, you can soak them in a bucket with detergent or disinfectant diluted in hot water. This trick is true for synthetic in general. if they are natural for bristles of straw, the tip is different. In this case, the idea is to soak in a solution of hot water with neutral soap. In both cases, 15 minutes are sufficient for them to clean. Then just let it dry in the sun and that’s it!

Redo gets like new with the help of disinfectant and clean liquid

Here we are talking about both the common squeegee. It uses to wipe out the excess water out of the floor and the one used to clean the windows, after all, their rubber is the same. The process is somewhat similar to that of the broom since it is first necessary to remove the excess of dirt. Then to put it in the solution of hot water with neutral soap.

The difference is that here, instead of knocking the dirt out. It is better to put the disinfectant directly into the rubber and let the product act for a few minutes. Then place this part in a bleach solution diluted in hot water. A more practical suggestion is to use the clean liquid. Which also has the bleach in its composition and helps to remove the type of dirt that in the rubber.

Dustpan only needs water and detergent to stay clean

Without a doubt, this is the easiest item to clear from this list. After all, because it is plastic it is best to avoid any type of abrasive material. So for bleach or chlorine, you mustn’t use it to clean. After throwing all the dirt out, wipe with a multi-purpose cloth or moistened towel paper to remove excess waste. Then wash the shovel with water and detergent. If you want you can use a sponge, but preferably it’s a soft part. So as not to damage the material with time.