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How to use chlorine to clean the bathroom

Tips for Bathroom cleaning

Here you will learn how to use chlorine for bathroom cleaning in a practical way and without wasting much time on this much-needed task. Check out!

The chlorine gel has several utilities in cleaning the house. Serving both to disinfect surfaces to treat and prevent mold and mildew. In the bathroom, chlorine gel can be used in areas that are the focus of germs and bacteria such as sink, vase, and drain. Here are some practical tips to make your bathroom shine without the need for much time or effort. And importantly thing don’t forget to wear a rubber glove

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How to use chlorine gel in bathroom cleaning

The chlorine gel is a great ally to maintain good hygiene in your bathroom. We carry millions of germs and bacteria in our hands and clothing every day. So it is advisable to apply a product with chlorine gel regularly in the bathroom. Especially in areas of frequent use such as sink, taps, and vase.

Check out these instructions on how to use chlorine to clean the bathroom:

Sink – Dilute a bit of a chlorine-based cleanser gel into water. Then dampen a clean cloth in the solution and pass it over the entire surface of the sink, including the faucet.

Vase, Glass and other – For the inside, apply the chlorine gel directly into the vase and clean with the help of a bathroom brush. Fill chlorine gel into a nozzle that facilitates cleaning inside the edge of the toilet.
On the outside, use the diluted chlorine gel mixture in water. Dampen a clean cloth in this solution and place it on the seat, the cover and the hinges. Do not forget to also disinfect around the tank, the handle, all the edge and the main.
To finish, apply a little of the product inside the pot to give a pleasant smell.

Drains – Remove debris that accumulates after bathing daily. Apply a little Chlorine Gel directly into the drain to prevent odors and prevent dirt from accumulating in the pipes.

Tiles – Scrub the entire surface with chlorine gel diluted in water. To clean the grouts more easily. Use an old toothbrush or hard bristles. Then rinse and wipe clean cloth.

Ground– Soak a clean cloth in the solution of chlorine gel with water. Clean with the cloth reaching also the corners of difficult access for complete cleaning.

Other Tips

Now that you already know how to use chlorine in the bathroom cleaning. See other tips to make the bathroom well sanitized.

  • Use Chlorine Gel to remove mold and mildew from the corners of the bathroom.
  • Avoid mildew by leaving the bathroom door and window open after showering.
  • If someone is sick at home, apply a chlorine gel cleaner in the bathroom and always after the flush.
  • Change face and bath towels weekly.

With these tips on how to use chlorine gel in cleaning. It is easy to disinfect the bathroom and leave it free of mold and mildew. Do not forget, regular cleaning is the best way to not let dirt accumulate and still maintain good hygiene in your bathroom.