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9 Benefits of using PVC in piping systems.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is one of the most used plastic materials for construction and infrastructure to the versatility in its use and the flexibility. It provides to those who use it.

This type of pipe is the product of modern technology that offers durability and variety in service, is also a material that is follow by experts in this branch as construction companies, engineers, industrial, risk or distribution channels, among others. Many advantages of PVC are those that replace traditional materials.

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Here is a list of reasons to choose a PVC drainage system for your next works:
Lightweight elements.

This material has a great advantage over any other material used for pipes. This comparative is make from that as it weighs less its possibilities to be damage are low when it refer to the moment of the installation or relocation of the system. This results in less personnel for the installation. Less time that takes the installation and greater facility to do all the necessary work.

They resist corrosion.

In old pipe systems where the main material was iron, the problem of corrosion could be presented very easily. This problem contaminates the water and causes diseases that today are not present to use of PVC, among other materials.

PVC is invulnerable to corrosion both underground and exterior as well as inside. So while many pipe system manufacturers are exploring corrosion solutions that affect their materials, PVC remains tough.

Resist certain chemical agents.

This problem can be present more in pipes within the industrial sector. PVC can resist certain kinds of acids or solutions without testing. Detachment of the same material from the pipe contaminated the water or fluid that is required intact for production processes of production or to not further soil the water.

Low cost.

Using PVC offers significant savings in costs. For a project even more when you take into account the low cost of installation. It is not broke and low maintenance need. All this without mentioning their durability, which makes them not have to replace frequently.

Fewer blockages in wastewater systems.

The coating of these materials are extremely smooth reduces the resistance in the flow of water ensuring. That the water will reach its destination with sufficient pressure.

Fewer blockages in wastewater systems.

The coating of these materials are extremely smooth reduces the resistance in the flow of water. Ensuring that the water will reach its destination with sufficient pressure.

Connections are leak free.

This completely eliminates water loss, which amounts to up to 40% in pipes of corrosion prone materials. Likewise, with the piping of this material fewer joints are need, they are easier to connect with other water flows. With fewer connections leaks or spills are prevented in the short time it has been installed.

Long service life.

Over 50 years of PVC pipe life has been record and according to a study done in 2014 in Australia. It is estimate that they can last more than 100 years.

Resistant to intrusion of tree roots.

Thanks to their flexibility and strength, there is less likelihood of leakage in the tight PVC connections when crossing the roots of trees as they grow.

Some points against PVC that are important to consider:
  • It does not withstand high temperatures, this material is not very heavy and is not very light, exactly because its composition becomes weak in the face of these situations. Metal pipe is stronger in cases where it is necessary to install a sewer in areas with very extreme temperatures.
  • For outdoor installations, pipes of another type of material are generally preferred because of the poor resistance that may occur to very strong blows caused by external agents.
  • After all, like many materials, PVC has many points in favor and some against. So it is always good to have advice from experts in the field that can help you make a purchase according to your needs and the characteristics of the environment where you will be.