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7 accessories that you can not miss in your home

Remember when you went to live alone for the first time and had no idea what to buy to do a complete cleaning in your home? Many people go through this and even years later there are still those who remain in doubt. When it comes to deciding what is indispensable for this task. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of 7 cleaning accessories that will make a difference both in your home. The most obvious ones you might not even have thought of buying.

7 cleaning accessories
Rubber gloves

A lot of people forget about them, but rubber gloves are indispensable every day. The reason is quite simple hands need extra protection. So they will not be exposed when they come in contact with cleaning products. Which can make them extremely dry or even suffer from allergies, for example. Besides, they are also allied so that the nail polish does not peel after the dishes.


It seems obvious, but it’s worth remembering: you can not go without a good broom at home! After all, whether to do heavy cleaning or just to get rid of the dirt. it is can get all the impurities from the floor with bristles, even the most difficult corners.


While the broom finds the dirt, the shovel is responsible for putting everything together to take to the trash. To keep everything properly organized, it is valid to have a bigger one for the yard and other smaller ones to collect the impurities from inside the house.


Just as the floor needs the broom and dustpan to clean. The furniture needs the reinforcement of flannel so it does not get dusty. The accessory can use alone. Depending on the material of the furniture or appliance or along with some product. Such as a multipurpose cleaner.

Metal sponge

Although there are sponges of various types and some materials can not even pass close to a metal sponge. It is always good to have one of these at home. Because it is made from carbon steel, a corrosive product, it is ideal for heavier cleaning. Believe it, this accessory will be very useful to remove the fat. That is at the bottom of the pots and the grates of the stove.


The buckets will also help you – a lot! In the day to day of the house. For you to found any idea. They serve to carry cleaning products from one room to another. put water to moisten the cloth. To make mixtures of products and so on. To further enhance your performance, have more than one at home, and preferably of varying sizes.


Just like the broom, a squeegee is also one of the accessories you can not afford to take home. This is because it is he who helps to gather the water from the rooms to play in the drain and leave everything clean and dry again. If you have not thought of any situation in which you would have to resort to him imagine that you forgot to close the room window before going to work and there was torrential rain. If you live in a building the chances of getting water inside the house are great. And as getting to use cloths to dry everything gives much more work, the squeegee appears as a utensil that can make your life much easier in this task.