Paintbrush on wooden furniture. House renovation. Varnishing natural wood with a smear of the paintbrush.

5 Tips to brighten wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture and floors still have a good added value because of their beauty and durability. But that does not mean you can leave maintenance aside. One way to take good care of your home pieces is by learning how to brighten the wood. This way, furniture, and floors will look new and last even longer. See tips on how to do it.

1. Beeswax with turpentine

Turpentine is used as a solvent and should not be applied directly to wood. The idea of ​​this recipe is that the turpentine serves to dilute the wax, which is the ingredient responsible for making the wood shine.

Mix ¼ cup of melted grated beeswax in a water bath with ¼ cup of turpentine. Once you have the mix ready, apply it in small amounts to your clean furniture or floor to shine and shine. Make this application with a soft cloth.

2. Make a home furniture polish

Many home furniture polish recipes help save and keep furniture always shining. You can mix two parts olive oil with one part cooking alcohol. You can also mix one part almond oil with half part vinegar, or mix 2 tablespoons softener with 2 tablespoons oil. cooking and 1 tbsp of vinegar.

3. Liquid Vaseline with Alcohol

The petroleum jelly has many utilities to take care of the house and to take care of skin and hair as well. But as the focus now is to brighten the wood. You can have this ingredient at home to make it look better. The recipe consists of mixing 3 tablespoons petroleum jelly with 2 tablespoons alcohol. Apply a thin layer to the furniture after dusting.

4. Assorted Essential Oils

Just as you can use almond oil and common cooking oil to make a home furniture polish. It is good to know that several other oily substances also serve to brighten the wood. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, and so many others.

To prevent the furniture from becoming excessively oiled, always mix with a little turpentine, as in the first tip. Use the mixture in a small amount. Apply to the furniture already cleaned and rub with a soft cloth to polish, because it is this step that gives shine.

5. Varnish

Finally, the tip of the wood varnish could not miss. You can choose a type of wood varnish according to where the furniture is, as there are varnishes for outdoor and indoor areas.

However, this product need not be applied as often as homemade recipes. It is meant to make furniture and hardwood floors shine but has extended durability. So the application is a bit more laborious.

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