cleaning with coke

15 Ways to Use Coke to Clean Your House

Surely you must have had Coke at a meal and enjoyed its distinctive flavor. What you do not know is that this drink has several uses. So, check out the role of Coke to clean the house.

When people claim that soda is bad and should not be consumed, it is no exaggeration. And if so, you can also replace the soda with other healthy drinks. What you have to do is discover the benefits of Coke for cleaning various parts and items of the house!

1. Remove rust stains

Dampen a cloth or sponge with the soda and wipe the spot. You can also use Coke to clean bolt rust (helping to loosen them), for example.

2. Remove tissue stains

Just apply the drink on the stain, wait a few minutes and rub. Thus, the chemistry of this soda will dissolve the stain easily. Then simply rinse with soap and water to remove the sugar.

3. Clean up oil stains on the floor

Coke also serves to clean greasy and stained floors. Just play directly, let it act for a few minutes and then wash with plenty of water (not sticky due to sugar).

4. Brighten burned pans

Let the pan soak in Coke to clean. Wait until the products adhering to the pan are loosened, rinse and wash normally. Its chemical composition will act directly on the burnt product. Thus it dissolves this product and still returns the shine to the pan. It is important to note that the pan should be washed thoroughly after placing the soda.

5. Remove stains by heating water

Pour Coke to clean inside the container and wait. Once the stain is gone, wash normally. This technique is for kettles and other equipment with similar functions.

6. Removes stains on dishes

Due to its high chemical character, this soda can have enormous dissolving power. Thus, it is very useful for removing stains on dishes.

7. Cleans metals

Just soak the metal parts inside the soda that they shine again. Then remember to wash the metal part thoroughly, thus removing the rest of the drink.

8. Clean pools

Throw 4 liters of Coke to clean the pool (inside) and you will see how clean it will be. Its properties have a similar effect to chlorine, being very aggressive with biological forms and against stains.

9. Pen Stains on Rugs

Use a damp cloth with Coke to clean the carpet stain. Just apply over it and then pass soap and water normally. This drink can dissolve the tincture material well.

10. Detergent

Is the detergent out of your home? No problem! If you have a small bottle of Coke in the fridge, you can use it as a home detergent. This property is because it has a high emollient effect, due to its acid content.

11. Clean glass

The citric acid (present in the drink) is ideal and makes it an excellent option to use Coke to clean the glass. So you can rub some Coke on a flannel and smoothly rub it on the glass. Wash afterward, because of the sugar in the drink.

12. Toilet plunger

This is an old strategy, being widely used by many people. To do this, pour a 1 bottle of Coke in the vase and wait between 15-20 minutes. Then flush and watch.

13. Cleaning of grouts

Have you noticed that the grout between tiles or floors is always very prone to dirt? So cleaning this region is often more complicated as it is a narrow place, and many cannot clean them.

To solve it comes to Coke to clean the grout. This soda has a powerful effect on grout cleaning, making the process exponentially easy. After passing the drink, wash it off.

14. Permanent Pen

Imagine the desperation of a mother to see that her son has scratched the entire wall of the house with a permanent pen! According to many, it cannot be removed, which would cause the wall to become dirty and require another painting.

However, what these people do not know is that Coca-Cola also has excellent potential for cleaning permanent pen marks. So, in an incident with this type of pen, use this drink to clean.

15. Bloodstain Removal

Someone fell on the floor of your house and you do not know how to remove the bloodstain that remained in place? Again, Coke to clear this kind of stain comes as a solution.